Public Affairs

Winning public affairs fights isn’t always about finding likely voters.  It’s about targeting stakeholders for your issue, whomever they are, wherever they are. That is why CampaignGrid leverages more than 14,000 data points from dozens of sources to target online advertising.

The CampaignGrid data library includes anonymized demographic traits, consumer and lifestyle habits, financial information, media consumption – everything you need to reach.

CampaignGrid maintains the largest data driven online public affairs, political, and advocacy ad platform in the US.  Clients include top advocacy and grassroots firms around the US. CampaignGrid has been at the center of many recent public affairs fights.

Political Campaigns

Only a tiny fraction of residents from any jurisdiction will determine the next election.  Yet, until recently there was no ability to target online advertising to voters who mattered.  In the past, online political advertising would be targeted to zip codes and types of websites, but not addressable to a specific audience such as likely voters. This resulted in tremendous waste.

That changed when CampaignGrid developed the platform to match the voter file to the Internet.  Now, campaigns may target any voting segment with online video and display advertising.

CampaignGrid works with political consultants to determine the targeting mix to meet the goals of the campaign. That might mean targeting likely voting swing voters, low propensity base voters, or any other data segment that needs specific messaging.