Case Study 3:

CampaignGrid Uses Polling Data to Help Congressional Candidate Win on Election Day

Campaign Goal:

A Congressional candidate was looking to:

  1. Reach a relatively small but important percentage of the electorate in order to get-out-the-vote and secure a win on Election Day
  2. Coordinate the digital ad campaign with early polling in order to achieve maximum awareness, favorability and supporter turn out

Background & Tactics:

CampaignGrid began serving digital advertisements several weeks prior to the candidate’s television ad schedule in order to generate name recognition and general awareness.

CampaignGrid partnered with a polling company to determine which segments of the electorate would make the difference on election day. CampaignGrid was able to use this early poll information to understand what issues were important to the voters and reach them with the right message to help get-out-the-vote with the candidate’s supporters.


The targeted digital advertising coordinated with the polling data gave the Congressional candidate the edge he needed to win by 1,400 votes.